Quick Hit Cash Wheel Slots

Every software titan has a particular gaming series that has made them a topic within a large number of punters: Playtech got their penny for re-establishing Marvel comics in a slot wrapping, IGT became a household name thanks to their land-based products, and today’s main attraction – Bally – owe their fame to an incredible series promisingly called Quick Hit. There are so many things to talk about when it comes to Quick Hit games in general, yet now we are to concentrate on the fifth chapter of this slot chain – Cash Wheel Slot, that perfectly balances between being a classic fruit machine and a unique piece of entertainment. Bally again decided to mix genres and come up with something refreshing, so along with an everlasting package of fruit symbols, gamblers will enjoy a formidable set of contemporary extras, among which there is their top-notch Quick Hit.


Cash Wheel is a title of a plenty of various angles, so this review would barely be adequate to cover everything in great detail – we advise you this page http://slotmine.com/quick-hit-cash-wheel/ for some further reading to get more insight into the Quick Hit Pro sequel. Next up here you will be encountering Quick Hit system, getting to know overall gameplay and concluding whether Cash Wheel could be the best entry of the series. A thing to mention in the first row is that this game operates amazingly even without the famous feature – the machine has Wilds with a good payout ratio, freespins and other perks to indulge in. In any case, to be fully knowledgeable you still have to meet Bally’s highlight.



Since the advent of the first slot machine in the series – Quick Hit – punters immediately fell in love with this fast-paced feel that promised amazing prizes further. The feature works as an instant mini game – players keep tabs on the meter at the top of the screen which displays how many specialty symbols are dropped onto the reels. The number of these specialties defines how much rewarding a player is able to fetch. This rewarding is nothing more than an instant cash payout, calculated as a multiplier applied to a total bet. As far as you can see, there is hardly anything too sophisticated about Quick Hit system – just a bunch of same symbols that bring along some instant cash. Though, Quick Hit options are multiple, not just three or four symbols considered.


How Quick Hit pays: ‘Quick Hit’ symbols are not attached to the general paytable – they pop up independently and serve only to fetch a reward.  On a 5x3 blueprint from 3 to 9 symbols can appear, with each set having some multiplier. For example, 3 scattered pics will bring x1 rewarding, 6 scattered symbols are to pay x30, and the pinnacle of it all, 9 Quicks, are to pay x1500. Taking into account maximum bets, the machine is filled with a jackpot up to 50’000 credits.

What’s Different


One feature among all Quick Hits is that each of them has its own specialty. Cash Wheel shares only Quick Hit feature, but other than that, there are far more intriguing and unique things to the chapter. To begin with, this machine offers a larger payout capacity in comparison to previous titles, not to mention a whooping x1500 multiplier within Quick Hit. What’s more, Cash Wheel incorporates two dedicated bonus acts as an addition – free round and Cash Wheel features. Aside from gameplay points, Cash Wheel shares all the same 5x3 concept and a swingy package of cherries and sevens set ablaze.


Rolling In Modern Vintage


Although Cash Wheel might leave an impression of being a vintage fruit machine, this game merely resembles one. Of course, it has a minimalistic outlook without any imagery in the background – just some dark-hued blue tones to color the grid. Yes, Cash Wheel utilizes prevailing in-game participants such as Bars and Bells. But apart from all that, Cash Wheel initiates a modern adventure full of twists like freespins and Wildcards. That’s why some gamblers call Quick Hit series a revival for old Las Vegas gambling – these games follow the classics, but always try to stand out.


Features On The Road


Looking at the whole picture, Cash Wheel embeds a few features that can be found in any other Quick Hit game, and one undoubtedly unique, tied to the title. Due to a large number of multiple features, Cash Wheel makes process quite dynamic, so that punters always doubt what will be the next move. Lineup sounds as follows: Wildcards, freespins, Quick Hit payouts and Cash Wheel extra. Let’s do a little research into each one.


Cash Wheel’s Wilds


This one is so ubiquitous that no one would probably need a big explanatory illustration on how Wildcards work. Generally, Wild symbols are random participants on the reels, so-called Jokers. They may drop anywhere without rigid patterns and join any winning combination to extend it. Cash Wheel has dedicated Wilds, meaning they are listed in the paytable with certain values for matching.



Another universal feature for all Quick hit machines is freespins. Nothing exclusively new here, just a bunch of Scatters that have the function to activate a number of free retriggerables. No matter how many Scatters you manage to fish out, Cash Wheel offers to walk through 12 spins with x2 multiplier for your delight. 12 shots to double the paytable – can you think of something more saturating than that?


Main Feature


Finally, the last resort for Cash Wheel Slots is the titled Feature that can be triggered only by 3 Scatters,  simultaneously popping up onto the reels 1, 3 and 5. You will be shown a bonus wheel consisting of 21 tiles, each hiding some valuable prize. The objective is to reveal tiles and find three similar. The Bonus Wheel is powered with multiple prizes: various freespins sets with different multipliers. The brilliance of the feature is in its unprecedented payouts: players will be guaranteed to win a sum ranging from 150 to 50’000 credits.  


Decent Limits


Cash Wheel, as well as the others, is built around high volatility, but it does not mean you will have to pay through the nose to nourish the machine. With 25 fixed strings to bet, you can choose any bet from 0.01 to 10 credits per line, and at maximum you can reach 400 coins a round.


Better Than Others?


This game is sometimes deemed to be the best chapter of the series because of the Bonus Wheel and its unraveling nature. However, it is hard to judge simply by features. To get a complete impression on the machine you should get to know each Quick Hit and draw your own conclusions.